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Rainbow Beach – Cooloola’s real goldmine!

Rainbow Beach is your golden gateway to some of the most amazing natural attractions to be found anywhere in the world.

From this picturesque’ coastal village, enchantingly nestled between Tin Can Bay and the Pacific Ocean, you can experience an enthralling mosaic of these wonders and indulge in your favorite pursuits at the same time.

Swim with the dolphins, explore the spectacular scenery of Fraser Island, see the rainforests, heathlands and freshwater lakes.

Skydive the skies or Dive the ocean depths. Para or hang-glide in one of the top ten spots in the world the Carlo Sand Blow, an amazing spectacle in itself with postcard views.

Fish or four wheel drive or just drag your feet along miles of golden sand.

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Discover Rainbow Beach, Fraser Island and the Cooloola Coast

Rainbow Beach is a vibrant young town with a relaxed atmosphere, which has only been easily accessible since the early 1970’s. It is now very popular with holiday makers particularly four wheel drive enthusiasts, hang-gliders and backpackers. Rainbow Beach has the shortest barge access to World Heritage Fraser Island. 74 different shades of coloured sand can be found on Rainbow Beach, a gazetted Aboriginal sacred site.

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Rainbow Beach Fishing

Family Owned and run by Tony & Rosie Stewart Business commenced 1997.

In close proximity to RAINBOW BEACH you have some of the finest Offshore fishing grounds in the World.

Offshore from FRASER ISLAND and DOUBLE ISLAND POINT. You will encounter species such as SNAPPER, PEARL PERCH, RED EMPEROR, SWEETLIP, COBIA, PARROT FISHES, and of course seasonal species like MACKEREL, AMBERJACK, WAHOO and others. DONT FORGET the sighting of whales from May-October.